I challenged myself to recreate Among Us but without the key feature of it being online.

Notice: I am in No way associated with Innersloth or "Among Us" this is just a non profit Fan Game. 

The Original Game on Itch.io

The Original Game on Steam

Updated 3 days ago
Published 17 days ago
AuthorArvie k
Made withConstruct

Development log


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don't try to copy other,just make your fantastic game ^^

I wish I could. I remember one game I made called Bizarre Bosses and I thought people were sure to see to like it but not many people played it. Making a fan game gets more people seeing it. So if I could make a original game and get the same amount of plays as this game has I would.

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This is the ACTUAL best

Thank you :)

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Your Welcome :)

Tried out the game and really liked it!

Wow...I've never had someone make a video on my game before....


add mutiplayer

Well then that would just be regular Among Us tho



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I'm not exactly great at music or sound design...so I just figured no sound is better than annoying ones

when you gonna update it


Don't know yet

this game pretty easy once you know that you first need to kill blue then orange then pink then black

Well that's how most games are. The more u play the better u get.

make sure you run away far from the bodys

or you can just vent

Both, Both is good

(how to win) first kill (pink) second kill (black) Thirt kill (blue) last kill (orange)

Well i mean there's alot of different strategies but yeah I guess that works to.

well you could have them, like, accuse otheres of being the imposter, then you say know, and... well... i think you get the idea.


in the client (itch's program client), when you get caught, it only shows stars, and nothing else happenens. Can you fix this please?

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Yeah I'm still trying to fix it, it's hard to fix something when u don't know what's causing it 

ola posso fazer uma copia hd desse jogo so que melhor

hello can i make a copy of this game but better


Blank stars come after kill

Yeah it's a glitch I'm still working on fixing

I got the glitch, i killed 3 of them and when black found the body, it was just stars, you should change it to where you need to kill only 3 to win, if you kill 3, then the ejected glitches, or you should change it to where if you kill 3 but not the last one, then you automatically lose. because it would be obviously you, the impostor.

Okay I think the issue may be with black so I'll check the glitch out

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umm i got blank ejected somehow

edit; i got blank ejected... again...

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Yeah it's a bug a lot of people are having I'm still trying to fix it, If you have any insight on what might be causing it please say so.

i dont know what maybe causing it, but i think its because you havent coded something or accidentally coded the glitch into the game

I'm thinking I might go back and add a default ejected screen for the game to default to when this occurs. Maybe like a nobody was ejected screen to default to 

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edit: nice you actually fixed it now, and what was white doing in there

He really wanted to join but the other crewmates didn't like him so they ejected him. It's a sad life for white 

I like it! But once you win a couple of times it doesn't seem worth it to replay. The option to be a crewmate, add more crewmates, or have you and one AI be an imposter would make things more interesting. But this game is still pretty good already! :D

Yeah if I do a major update to the game I'll probably add some of those.

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pls make real task. + crewmate, more maps, sabotage, chat bot bot chating, repote buttin

pls and thx u 

There's like 2 of those I can fulfill (if I do a major update to the game) and that's Sabotage and More maps. Crewmate doesn't work well for single player and I'm not creating a whole chatbot system cause that would take to long. Also tasks don't work as imposter. And report button is a maybe 

just use freeplay


The AI crewmates in freeplay just stand there though.

Thank u for explaining it. I had to explain to like 5 people that freeplay isn't the same thing

yes i thought so because i as like "wait how would they find the bodys"


can you like, make it so you can actually converse?

You do reliaze they are bots right? So what would they even say.

I keep getting the glitch, and its game breaking.

Yeah I'm still working on fixing it. Refresh the page is all I can say for now.

yes is cool but this glitch is sad

So the glitch is happening again, it only happens (for me anyway) when two or more bodies are found. Try looking in the 'body reported' or 'body found' algorithm. Great job btw

Ok I'll look into it whenever I can thanks for informing me.

No problem. And if I may add a tip, you dont have to do it, but you could add more movement patterns to the cpu's. They could be set patterns like the first one but it would add a ton more variety to the game. I understand that its a small game but you can add anything or nothing, just some advise!

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If I add more levels the CPUs will have different movement patterns for each level. Although Idk how I could make a randomized movement system work considering the way it currently functions, but thanks for the tip

np, I was thinking that you have more than one set pattern of movement that gets alternated so it isnt the same predictable pattern over again. Your doing great at what you've done though!

what is this, GLITCH you keep getting?

Basically it'll be a blank screen when the body gets reported and all u see is space and u have to restart the game otherwise ur stuck like that.

If you kill more than one person before a dead body is called you get a blank space screen and nothing happens. I'm thinking it has something to do with the dead body procedure but I didn't make the game so I dont know

This is a game for all the people who leave when they don't get imposter

Jk jk but seriously well done haha. This is a good game and I enjoyed it


Honestly, your not wrong. Also I'm glad u liked it

nice game but that alphabetical are 8 bit not bad 

This was a lot of fun and really well-made! Thanks!

I'm glad u liked it :)

I Love It Thx :)

I'm glad u like it :)

Tbh, Thank you for this

Idk what there is to Thank me for?? But ur welcome I guess

This is really good and fun, good job.

Thanks :)

Nice try

It's Okay. Apart from the fact that the AI is so predictable. It makes a good puzzle game. Just add more levels...

Yeah I wanted it to be more of a stealth game than the original mostly cause that would work better for single player. The predictable Ai movement is so u can strategize ur attacks

make it bigger, add more npc, and make the ship bigger.

If I ever update the game I'll probably add more to it

you should put in sabotages

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I mean that level of Ai movement for the crewmates is complex but not impossible. If I ever update the game I'll go back and try to add them


I killed 3 people in a row and nothing happened when the body got reported

That was the most adrenaline i've ever had

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Okay so I think u may have just found the cause of a glitch a lot of people are having so thank u. I'll fix the bug whenever I can.

i love this game! but can you make the map bigger and can you add the ability to change your color??

Can you tell me how you did this? I'm planning on making something like this with multiple other features! Please answer what you used to make this...

Here's the Devlog 

and the engine I used is Construct 3

My second win! (This is hard)

Good job :)


I think I found a BugIts stuck like that



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Yeah It's happened to a few people including myself. I don't know what's causing it but when I figure it out Ill fix it. Also Refresh the page it'll restart the game.

it happened to me t

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